About Lunabella Bracelets & Jewelry

Lunabella is a small, woman-owned business that strives to create fashion-forward, holistic jewelry that is grounded in healing. Founded in 2020 by head designer/owner Lacey Nolan, Lunabella began with a vision for creativity and life balance, but also fulfill a missing niche of custom-sized bracelets for all ages. In less than a year of business, Lunabella was accepted into Faire and became a “Top Shop” vendor. In addition, Lacey recently released a full jewelry line, which includes essential oil and natural stone necklaces and earrings. Currently,  Lunabella jewelry can be found in over a dozen retailers across the country or through direct order.

With classic appeal and thoughtfully chosen designs, Lunabella jewelry is perfect for fashionistas who want to incorporate the benefits of aromatherapy and crystal healing into their style.

Hi, I'm Lacey!

I'm Lacey, the face behind Lunabella Bracelets. I’m a proud mom to two adorable children and also a Reiki Practioner. I founded Lunabella after I discovered that two of my passions--crystal healing and essential oils--could become everyday wearable art. It was the perfect way for me to express my creativity and find life balance!

I love making jewelry and knowing that the work I do provides my customers with an authentic ability to feel good and look good, too. It’s also important to me that my designs fit your unique size, which is why I proudly design custom-sized orders. I love my job and all of the sweet silver linings that appear each day, including the wonderful relationships I’ve built with my customers.

Image of Lacey Nolan, founder of Lunabella Bracelets, standing alongside a bridge during a fall day.
Image of Lunabella bracelet on the wrist of hands that are holding a large gray, heart shaped, crystal while outdoors.

Raise Your Natural Vibration

For centuries, crystals and other natural materials have been recognized for their healing properties. Discover how these gifts from nature can provide good energy for the mind, body and soul!

Essential Oil Diffusing Bracelets

Our fashion jewelry is handcrafted with natural, porous materials and stunning crystals that provide grounded healing when worn with your favorite essential oil(s). Simply apply your selected oil(s) to the porous beads/stones and enjoy the therapeutic benefits throughout the day.

Image of a woman holding a bottle of essential oil and dripping oil onto the wooden beads of her Lunabella bracelet.